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Paradise Island Bowl leagues play all year, with start dates throughout the year. If you’re interested in joining an existing league, we can connect you with the appropriate people. If you’d like to start a league, talk to one of our experienced staff members for more information and requirements.

It's Your Choice

Every Tuesday at 7PM

Starting May 18, 2021 (14 Weeks)

Each league member will receive a ball, bag, or shoes of their choice at the end of the season (some exclusions apply, drilling not included) as well as 18 FREE games of bowling to try out your new equipment! Only $21 per week!

Perfect Practice

Every Tuesday at 7PM

Starting May 18, 2021 (14 Weeks)

Bowl in this summer for only $21 per week and practice everyday through Labor Day for FREE. Also, receive 3 FREE games of bowling per day form Labor Day until December 31, 2021. Practice makes perfect!

Axe League

Every Tuesday at 7PM

Starting June 8, 2021 (10 Weeks)

Single member teams open to men and women for only $20 per week. Join with your friends and compete against each other while enjoying each other’s company!

Pizza & Beer

Every Wednesday at 7PM

Starting May 19, 2021 (14 Weeks)

Grab 3 of your friends and join our famous Pizza and Beer league. Enjoy 1 large pizza and 2 pitchers of domestic beer or soda per team per week for only $19 per week!

Kids 12 for 10 League

Every Wednesday at 7PM

Starting June 9, 2021 (10 Weeks)

Bowl with your friends and make new friends too! For only $12 per week enjoy 10 weeks of bowling fun and at the end of the season receive your very own bowling ball! Upgrade to a performance ball for only $14 per week!

Bowl & Axe League

Every Thursday at 7PM

Starting June 10, 2021 (10 Weeks)

Can’t decide what one you want to do more? Join our combo Bowl and Axe League! Bowl two games then throw axes for 60 minutes! You can get the best of both worlds for $20 per week!

Axe Throwing

Every Other Wednesday at 7:00PM

Starting March 10, 2021 (8 weeks)

  • $20/Thrower/Week


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